Happy Valentines Day 2017 Messages - Best Way of Encouraging the Love

Happy Valentines Day Messages 2017 : We Provide Best Valentines Day Messages 2017.get valentines day 2017 messages, valentines day txt messages from here and send them your BF, GF, Lover. valentines day messages is a best way to tell your beloved ones about your love expressions. Through happy valentine’s day 2017 SMS you can show how much you care for your much-loved person, friend or sibling with the love messages that convey what you feel for the special person in your life.

People who loved someone already know that typing the Valentine's Day message is an art. But as an alternative you can use the message that are written by other person. But if you have the skill to write your own valentine’s day messages, then it is best; because your messages will show your feelings.

Remember Valentine's Day messages are not all about syrupy love messages. They can be humorous, romantic and poetic and anything that you want to convey to your lover.

Valentine Day is the best day to exchange the love feelings with your loved ones.  Time has totally changed now and the modes of expressing the love are also getting changed. Love Letters and Greeting Cards are the old way of expressing the romantic feelings. In this era Love Texting in the form of Love SMS Messages is very common. For this reason, I have compiled some cute valentine’s daymessages that will really express the love and romance feelings. 

You can use these messages to pamper your darling on Valentine Day.

Propose to your lovers with the below mentioned romantic Valentine SMS messages.

"Love is all about to see someone with fastened eyes,
To miss the special one in the crowd,
To thinkthe special person in your thought,
To alive for someone special, love somebody badly, but it is important that somebody is only one person"
Happy Valentine's Day” 

"Love is beautiful than any other thing, a wish,
A feeling that anyone can easily feel and catch.
Love feeling makes a person feel more alive.
True love nevergoes away a person always remember his first love"

Wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day.
I sent you this message to let you know that you are always in my thoughts.
May Allah provide you everything you desire for."
"On the Valentine's Day every single person thinks of those people
Who play an important role in making our lives meaningful
Those polite, approachable people who are the reason of smile."
Happy Valentine's Day 2017” 

"Love is all about to share your personal things with your lover.
It's is all about when you care someone.
It's all about when two people combined with each other’s.

"Valentine's Day is the best way to express the affection
I still have Caring thoughts for you.
We both have a special connection
So, I want to wish you
"It still magic for me.
every time when I remember you.
how love touched both of our hearts in a soft way
and bring us together.
I just want to say you that
I love you
Happy Valentine’s Day"

"the main reason to alive
has been told to me on the earth...
The meaning of living has been given to me
by you my love!!! 
You are my Valentine
Happy Valentine's Day"
"You are beat of my heart and soul
I'll never think of leaving you
& never think of letting you go
You are the one who makes me smile
& I never see you while crying
For me you are my love and life
Happy Valentine's Day"
Love messages are always useful when you and your partner both are busy in their daily routine and it becomes impossible for both of you to meet or call to each other. A long list of Valentine’s day 2017 messages is available on the internet which you can send to your loved one. If you are looking for some unique messages, then you visit the websites that offers SMS service. It is the best way to get the Valentine’s messages in an affordable way.

if you are looking for the best valentine’sday 2017 messages then this article is just for you. I’ve compile some messages just for the valentine’s day. Read on!

I really don’t know how to express love feelings
To make it sound true for you.
So, I decided to say it in a mode I feel it
I’m completely yours and in love with you

Happy Valentine’s Day.

You are the main reason why I’m still happy.
Time can’t detach this special bond.
My heart is totally reserved for you
and it will be yoursForever it is
my love for you is true.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day is the special occasion when everyone wants to say something meaningful to their loved ones. But in reality it is not true. It is really difficult to combine some right words on the card and gifts. Below mentioned are best valentine’s day messages which anyone can used to convey their feelings to his lover:

Love is not all about the three words. Love is nonstop feeling that is normally showed by actions, devotion by the things that we both partners do for each other."

"Love is an appealing desire to be seductively desired". Happy Valentine’s Day.

"Love is the extension between two people in such a manner that one partner is include in the other, and one partner is improved by the other". Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love is not all about contemplating at each other, but looking in a self-possessed way in the same direction" Happy Valentine’s Day.

"Love is given as a gift always freely, willingly, and free from every expectation. A person doesn’t love to be loved; infect both love each other’s" Happy Valentine’s Day.

You can Get some more romantic Valentine Day Messages, happy valentine’s day 2017 sms, valentine's day 2017 messages from others website also.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Status and Messages

Valentine’s Day is normally celebrated on 14th February every year. On this day couples exchange romantic gifts, cards messages and Status with each other to make the Valentine Day more romantic. Today, more then billions of happy valentine’s day status sent out on Valentine’s Day that are fully packed with the Valentine’s Day Wishes. Are you also one of them who are looking for the unique happy valentine’s day messages to appeal your lover? 

 happy Valentines Day

Then Choose from the below mentioned sweet happy valentine’s day messages.

· Discerning you!
·Visualizing You!
·Hold to you close!
·Missing you!
·Craving of you!
·I really Love You!
·Happy Valentine’s Day 2016!
·We started as strangers.
·We turn into friends.
· We started loving with each other…
·We will remain as one and only forever.
·Happy Valentine’s Day 2016!

· Roses are rosy, violets are blue
·I ready this card just for you
·It’s not the well-ordered, it wouldn’t pass anexam
·But it’s completed with love–to make our love more powerful
·Happy Valentine’s Day 2016!

I love my life cycle
Because it permits me to meet you
I love you
Because you’re the main reason for me to live
Happy Valentine’s Day 2016!

You are matchless
You are loving and
You are the Great.

And I am the blessed to have you in my lifetime!
Happy Valentine’s Day sweet heart!

Love is all about having fun together,
the sad and the joy both

I’m the lucky person that I enjoyed every minute of my lifetime with you.
Happy Valentine’s Day my love.
For me love is like a cloud…
Love is just like a dream…
Love is consisting of 3 word and
everything put away between 3 words…
Love is an imaginary thing and everyone become it true…
I discover love when I discover you.
Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

May this Valentine bless us with more love and warmness of romance.
Happy Valentine’s Day Darling!

Sometimes eyes help us to make love.
Sometimes hands help us to make love.
Sometimes bodies help us to make love.
But in reality we make love with our hearts
Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

If someone asked me about my wish,

You know what it would be?
That our love would remain forever.
Just like red roses.
Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

The most beautiful things in the world
can’t be seen or touched –
That only be felt in the heart.
Just like my love for you…
Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie!

Love is similar to playing the piano.
First, everyone has to learn the rules
and in last one must have to forget these rules
and play he love game from the heart.

Just like he others I also did the same
Happy Valentine’s Day.

It is very hard-hitting to trust on a stranger,
But if somebody loves you from his core of heart,
Grips your hand fitted with tears in his eyes and says,
The minute I saw you
I started loving you
I can’t spend mylife without you
and want to spend my all life with you
I really Love you
Happy Valentine’s Day.

If I could pass away quickly
I would definitely ask to God
if I could be your protector guardian angel,
 so I couldcover my wings around you and holds you every time you feel alone…
Happy Valentine’s Day.
I can’t tell you always

What I’m feeling from my core of the heart
Emotions & the feelings both
That I sometimes incline to hide

But I’m actually proud and feeling pleased
By knowing that you are mine
And I know that you still love me
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of it which happy valentine’s day status or messages you decide, don’t forget to add your own emotions in it.

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Are you looking for Happy Valentines Day 2016 Quotes?

Season of Love is knocking at our doors and lovers all around the globe are feeling excited. As we all know that, 14th February is celebrated every year as a day of love around the globe.On This day love is spread with hugs, gifts, wishes, kisses and many other acts of expression and care.

If you have landed on this page, it means you are excited to wish your lover and looking for few cool and ideally written happy valentines day quotes, messages and wishes. Valentinesday is wonderful and special day for the lovers, when all couples express their feelings and emotions to their loved ones. Through happy Valentinesday quotes, lovers show each other how much they love. Valentine messages play important role in valentine day celebration as they help you say the feelings of your heart to your partner. If you want to make your valentine day unforgettable and joyful, then you can do so by using these valentines day quotes and wishes.Valentine is week celebration holiday festival and enable you to switch your love celebration every day in a new way. Sometimes everyone need a perfect moment other than the ordinary routine cycle to express the feeling of love and to enjoy the love. So friends here comes valentines day on 14th February for you to enjoy the every love moments.  . And HappyValentines Day 2016 QUOTES and Wishes are one of the best way by which you can show your lover or your valentine that you love her or him so much. Infact happy valentines day quotes help people to get best words for their emotions, as we all know word selection is most important aspect for any conversation. Expression of love is the best feeling and moment of life and it must be done using most appropriate words. Happy Valentines Day quotes are a treasure of most suitable words to convey your feelings to your lover.

Ahead in the article is a compilation of best available happy valentines day 2016 quotes and we are positive that these happy valentines day quotes shall help you out in your communication.

I love you forever for giving your heart to me for needing me by your side for making me smile when i’m sad but most of all i love you for loving me the way i am

My heart want to follow wherever you go and my thoughts only revolve around you. Be Mine, Happy valentine’s day
when you are in love you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams

My soul is shattered without your arms to hold me, Like a mirror without a reflection. I love you my valentine. Happy valentine’s day
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous

Also See these latest Happy Valentines day 2016 quotes for Her
You are pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of ever Happy valentine’s day, i love you like a back-alley hooker loves crack Happy valentine’s day

You are my dream my love, my life, you’re the one who makes me smile.I love you for all time !

My lover asks me: “What is the difference between me and the sky? “ The difference, my love, is that when you laugh, I forget about the sky.
Nothing i did was ever good enough to make her happy so Iguess she gave me what she thought I deserved

When I first met you I knew in a moment I would have to spend the next few days re arranging my mind so there would be room for you to stay.
Your warm eyes, your softer laughter the way you speak and all the kindness you’ve shown me, touched my heart in a way that no one else ever could Happy valentine’s day.

Which of the above mentioned Happy valentines day 2015 quotes for him you liked the most ? We are excited to hear your thoughts on the quotes listed above. Comment if you have any customized quotes of your own.

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Happy Valentinesday 2016 SMS

Valentine Day is the day of love for all the lovers. Couples express their feelings for each other through happy Valentines Day sms. They celebrate this day with a lot of zeal and a lot of preparations are done to make this a unique one. The idea lies in proposing the loved ones with a bunch of gifts or celebrating the day with your love and giving the most unique gift. SMS have emerged as a best and fastest mean of communication in present day. You can convey anything to another person by writing few words in your message text box. Proposing someone or telling someone that “I love you” is a special moment and  Valentines day is the best occasion to express this feeling. One can use happyvalentines daysms to convey this feeling to the person he/she loves.

Another problem which is faced by couples on this day of romance is selection of gifts for their lovers. With so many options available in the market this is really a demanding job to do so here are few gift ideas for the valentines day.

Chocolates are part and parcel of this day. They are the best way of expressing your love. The market is flooded with various kinds of chocolates in this month. The killer deals on chocolates are quite tempting and you cannot resist yourself from buying one for your loved one. Valentine Day is incomplete without these chocolates.

A red rose is the perfect way to express your love. So on this day nothing better than a red rose will work. Infact you can spot many stores selling beautiful bouquets that are really eye catching. There is like an ocean of roses in the market on 14Feb. If you are an artistic person then you can use it to make a perfect gift.

Personalized gifts such as scented candles definitely work. These gifts will be more valuable to him/her than any other costly item.
Other than these a short trip in the weekend is another great idea. This will not only give a chance to spend time with each other but also have a much awaited break from busy schedule. Moreover this is the perfect way to give a pleasant surprise to the partner.

After talking about few gift ideas now below is collection of the best happyvalentines day 2016 SMS.

Love is what I see in, your smile every day.Love is what I feel in, every touch you give.Love is what I hear in, every word you say.Love is what we share, everyday we live

Love so much my heart is sure.As time goes on I love u more,Your happy smile.Your loving face no1 will ever take ur place.Wish u a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Roses r red,Violets r blueI love u and I know u love me 2

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, honey.You are the star that keeps twinkling in my life.The reason why I am glowing with so much happiness and excitement.Thanks for inspiring me.

I fell in love with you on the day that I first saw you.Now, I am more than madly in love with you.What have you done to me?Whatever it is, I am enjoying it so much.

You eyes are like sun for mewhen they Shine i look welland great but when youget sad they looks dangerousbut wish god that neverHurt my girlfriend becauseMy life is only you. 

My girlfriend thinks that I never know any things but i can’t not expose my feeling when you look in my eyes and say I love you So much and happy returns of the day

when i think about yourselfI remember those day when i with youBut when i miss youI can’t control on my feelingsand this is only because of youSo let’s prayer to godfor give us a sweet andJoy full life , So a happy Valentines day
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Happy Hug Day 2016 SMS , Messages , Wish in Hindi

Hey readers and Valentine Lovers get latest update on Happy Hug Day 2016 SMS, Messages, Wish in Hindi and lots of anticipating latest updates on happy valentines day 2016 sms and you can get latest wallpapers on latest valentines day 2016 on our site happy valentines day sms.

Below browse the latest valentines day quotes , sms, images

  • Jaan hai mujhko zindagi se pyaari,
    Jaan ke liye kar doon kurban yaari,
    Jaan ke liye todd doon dosti tumhaari,
    Ab tumse kya chhupaana,
    Tum hi toh ho jaan hamaari.
Happy Hug Day
  • Tum Tub Tuk Pyaar Se Pyaar Mut Karo Ki
    Pyaar Tum Se Pyaar Na Kare
    Pyaar KoItna Pyaar Karo Ki
    Pyaar Kisi Aur Se Pyaar Na Kare?
Happy Hug Day
  • Aap ki 1 MISS CALL ek din ki khushi
    Aap ka 1 SMS 1 week ki khushi
    Aap ki 1 CALL 1 month ki khushi
    Aap ki 1 MULAQAAT 1 year ki khushi
    Aur aap ka PYAR
    Umer bhar ki khushi
Happy Hug Day
  • Jis ghari teriyadon ka sama hota ha,
    Phir humein aram kahan hota hay,
Hosla mujh mein nahi tujhko bula deny ka,
Kaam sadiyon ka hai, lamhon main kahan hota hai
Happy Hug Day
Aapki mohabbat ki validity khatam ho rahi hai,
Baraye meharbani forun 1 pyara sa SMS kar k recharge karen,
Happy Hug Day
  • Humne Chaand se pooha
    teri Chaandni ka raaz kya hai?
    Chaand ne aapki taraf Ishara
    kar ke kaha, Inhi say pucho jisay
    dekh kar mein chamakta hoon
Happy Hug Day
  • Kafi hai husn dil ko behlane ke liye,
    mohabbat karlo dil ko dukhane ke liye,
    chahe bhale paray ghum se vasta,
    ek hum jaisa dost rakhna sab ghamon ko bhulanay k liye
Happy Hug Day
  • Pyar aa jaata hai aankhon me rone se pehle
    har khawab toot jaata hai sone se pehle
    ishq hai gunaah yeh to samajh gaye hum
    koi rok letta yeh gunah honne se pehle…
  • Happy Hug Day
  • Ankho me Aakar Ruk Jate Hai Ansu,
    Palko pe Aakar Ruk Jate Hai Ansu. .
    Dil to Karta Hai Bah Jane Du,
    Magar Apko Hasta Dekh Sukh Jate Hai Ansu. .
  • Happy Hug Day
  • Dil si cheez hai, dene ko hai de day
    Magar koi qabeel bhi to ho
    Hum to jaan de kay bhi khush hain
    Magar koi qateel bhi to ho…
  • Happy Hug Day
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Happy Kiss Day 2016 SMS,Wish,Shayari in Hindi

Happy Valentines day Sms offering you the best updates on Happy Kiss Day 2016 SMS, Wish Shayari in Hindi. Happy Valentines Day 2016 Season will be an awesome event. Spend your time with your loved ones on Happy Valentines Day 2016 and give them a heart touching Happy Valentines Day 2016 SMS

Browse the latest Happy Valentine day Sms and Qoutes Below which will inspire your love :

  1. Pyar to zindagi ka afsana hai. Iska apna hi ek tarana hai. Pata hai sabko milenge sirf aansu. Phir bhi na jane kyo har koi iska deewana hai.. Happy Kiss Day 2016
  2. Pyar o Hota Hai Jo Ek Dusreke Liye Jan Bhi De Sake,
          Pyar o Hota Hai Jo Ek Dusreke Bine Rah Na Sake,
          Pyar o Hota Hai Jo Ek Dusreke Kaiyalo me Rahna Hota Hai.
Happy Kiss Day 2016
  1. Aapki Ada Se Hum Madhosh Ho Gaye
         Aap Ne Palat Kar Dekha Tho Hum Behosh Ho Gaye
         Yehi Ek Baat Kehni Thi Aapse
      Na Jaane Kyun Aapko Dekthe Hi Hum Khamosh Ho Gaye…
                Happy Kiss Day 2016
  1. har nazar me ek kashish hoti hai,
har dil me ek chahat hoti hai,
mumkin nhi har ek ke liye TAJ-MAHAL banana.
par har dil me ek mumtaj rahti hai…
                Happy Kiss Day 2016
  1. tumhari yado ki mahak in hawaon me hai.
pyaar hi pyaar bikhra in fizaon me hai.
aisa na ki duriya dard ban jaye.
ab to aap k aane ka intejar in nigaho me hai…
                Happy Kiss Day 2016
  1. baadal kitne khushnasib hai,,
door rehkar bhi jamin par baraste hai,
hum kitne badanasib hai,
paas rahkar bhi milne ko taraste hai…
                Happy Kiss Day 2016
  1. maine tujhko hi chaha hai,
tu hi mera pahla pyar hai,
mere dil ki tu hi dhadkan,
tera hi mujhko itzaar hai,
                Happy Kiss Day 2016
  1. khwabo k andar zinda mat raho..
balki apne andar khwab ko zinda rakho.
mohabbat usse nhi hoti jo khubsurat ho.
khubsurat wo hoti h jisse mohabbat ho…
                Happy Kiss Day 2016
  1. jab aap kisi ko chaho to ye mat socho ki,
wo aap ko pasand karta h ki nhi,
bas use itna chaho ki use aap k siva,
kisi aur ki chahat pasand hi na aaye…
Happy Kiss Day 2016
  1. kareeb itna raho ki rishto me pyaar rahe.
dur bhi itna raho ki aane ka intejar rahe.
rakho ummid rishto k darmiyan itni.
ki tute ummid magar rishta barkarar rahe…
Happy Kiss Day 2016
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